Unexpectedly comes late: almost already legendary sci-fi classic flashback gets an official sequel. As publisher Microids announced via press release, Paul Cuisset is back on board: The lead designer was responsible for the original flashback from 1992 and was also involved in the unsuccessful remake from 2013. Flashback 2 is being developed by a new team led by Cuisset and once again puts the hero Conrad B. Hart in the spotlight. The developers describe the game as an action platformer, there are no tangible details about the story, game design or graphics yet.

Paul Cuisset is delighted in the press release: “I had the idea of ​​developing a sequel to Flashback for a long time. I can’t wait to let players discover the new adventures of Conrad B. Hart, a character who lived almost 30 years ago Together with Microids we are really trying to make the fans of the original game happy and at the same time to appeal to all players who have a weakness for futuristic games. “

Flashback 2 is slated for PC and various consoles in 2022.

What is Flashback about?

The original Flashback was developed by Delphine Software and released in 1992. The game was hugely successful at the time and has been ported to a number of platforms. Flashback tells the story of Conrad B. Hart, who in 2142 had to defend himself against hostile shapeshifter aliens while trying to regain his lost memory. The classic mixes jump-and-run elements with adventure elements and action; the atmospheric result was strongly reminiscent of the one published a year earlier Another World. Similar to this title or the famous Prince of Persia, Flashback is also played from the side and caused a sensation when it was released with its incredibly soft animations and a realistic movement model.

The original flashback was a huge hit in 1992.  The classic was reissued in 2018.

The original flashback was a huge hit in 1992. The classic was reissued in 2018.

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Flashback 2 is not the first sequel

Strictly speaking, Flashback already had a successor in 1995, namely in the form of the action adventure Fade to Black. This game also revolved around the hero Conrad, but the gameplay differed greatly from its predecessor: Unlike Flashback, the successor was played from the pursuer’s view and consisted entirely of 3D polygon graphics – that was it technically and playfully ahead of its time, but also lost some of the original’s strengths.

Flashback got a full one in 2013 Remake based on Unreal Engine 3 donated. This version was developed under the supervision of Paul Cuisset from VectorCell, when Ubisoft stepped in as publisher. The remake, however, did not do well with the critics and was quickly forgotten again. In 2018, under the title Flashback: 25th Anniversary, a slightly revised new edition of the original game was released, this time for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch. You can buy the version here:

Flashback at GOG
Flashback bei Steam
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Flashback im Nintendo eShop

By the way: Neither Fade to Black (which could never build on the success of the original) nor Flashback 2 are the first attempts to inherit the cult game from 1992. A sequel called Flashback Legends was in development for the Game Boy Advance in 2003 but was never completed. A prototype from 2002 was later leaked, There are extensive game scenes on YouTube from the unfinished version.

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