The Microsoft Flight Simulator is already delighting various players on the PC. It was only last month a new update published for the title and a Patch with VR support is also being planned. Now Microsoft announced its flight simulation for the Xbox Series X | S at the Game Awards. In the summer of next year, all owners of the console in the flight simulator will be able to take to the skies when the simulation is published on this platform. The title uses satellite images, weather and air traffic data, and much more to offer a realistic interpretation of the entire planet.

"From light aircraft to wide-body jets, fly highly detailed and precise aircraft in the next generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator (buy now € 68.23 ). Test your skills as a pilot in night flight and master the live real-time weather in a dynamic and lively world. Create your flight plan to any location on the planet. The world is at your feet. "

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Sightseeing flights over North America in the trailer

The simulation also includes a large number of different aircraft, as well as an in-game shop where you can purchase new landscapes, scenarios, and more. All of that, along with the 4K resolution, will be carried over to the console version. Microsoft is also working on making the various control options of the PC version accessible to the console. This includes things like flight sticks and HOTAS.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available for publication for the Xbox Series X | S both for purchase as a download and as part of the Xbox Game Pass.

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The developers of Asobo Studio publish an updated roadmap for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. This is what awaits you.

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