In yesterday's stream, Sony finally announced the price and release date of the console. However, the company had forgotten to mention that the PlayStation 5 could be pre-ordered shortly afterwards. Many see their chance and are now offering the console for exorbitant prices on Ebay.

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5: sold out after a few hours

"We will inform you about pre-orders in good time," said Sony a few weeks ago. That didn't quite work out, because the price and the release date were announced at the PS5 event, However, there was no talk of pre-order. Nonetheless, the coveted console was sold out again after a few hours, which caused displeasure among fans.

PlayStation 5: At exorbitant prices on Ebay

Many were not lucky enough to be able to pre-order a PlayStation 5 in time. This situation is now being shamelessly exploited, some of them are now offering their console, which has not yet been released and mostly not even paid for, at utopian prices on Ebay.

The first bids had already been received, but it looks like the sale on Ebay will not be tolerated. At the moment you only get an error message when you try to look at the offer.

We currently have no choice but to wait and see how Sony will solve the situation in cooperation with the dealers. but we recommend that you keep your distance from such offers. We will keep you up to date.

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