For the time being, no more German synchro

of Philipp Sattler
Various films, games and series have been postponed indefinitely in the past few weeks. Now it has caught an ongoing series. The Walking Dead can and will continue to be broadcast, but no longer with German dubbing.

The times in which dubbing studios have many weeks to synchronize current episodes of a series are in the distant past for most productions. Especially when it comes to series with a continuous plot, which may then still contain different suspensions and cliff hangers – for example Game of Thrones or just The Walking Dead. The Synchro Studios usually only get these a few days before the broadcast and then have to set them to music. In times of corona protection measures, however, this seems to be quite difficult. And so the German dubbing of the rest of the season The Walking Dead falls victim to the Corona virus, as the Fox Channel announced on Twitter.

Instead, the remaining episodes are now broadcast in the original sound with German subtitles. It remains unclear whether the synchronization will later be made up for any Blu-rays or free TV broadcasts. The broadcaster or the dubbing studio does not comment on why the soundtrack is no longer possible.
Because theoretically there is the possibility to take such recordings from home, which has already been done in the past. But maybe not everyone has the opportunity at short notice to set up a makeshift studio in their own home. Of course, there is also the possibility of illnesses among the speakers or other important people within the studio.
In any case, we have no choice but to watch the remaining seasons in the original sound with subtitles.

Do you watch The Walking Dead anyway in the OV or OmU and do not have to get used to it or do you usually prefer the German synchronization and are a little annoyed that you have to change now?

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