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In a recent interview, Rob Humble, Studio Manager at Paradox Tentonic, spoke about the team's current project. However, the person in charge has not given many details. Instead, fans get a detailed insight into the philosophy and work of the new developer studio.

Developer chief Rob Humble spoke in an interview about his current project at Paradox Tectonic, the latest studio from Paradox Interactive. The team in California has been working on the new game for around a year, which, according to Rob Humble, is the most profound project of his career so far. In the past, Rob Humble was responsible, among other things, as chief for The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. He also worked as an Executive Vice President at Publisher Electronic Arts.

However, the head of development in the interview with PCGamesN cannot really elicit a lot of details about the new game. According to him, as with other games from Paradox Interactive, the creators will involve the fans and offer support for mods. You can get detailed insights into the philosophy of the studio and the work of the developers in interview read up. Cities of Skylines, Stellaris or the upcoming Crusader Kings 3 were among the most well-known games from Paradox Interactive.

Source: PCGamesN

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