A new eSports team called Team 33 has signed 8-year-old Joseph "33 Gosu" Deen and paid him a huge bonus.

In eSports you are always looking for new talent

In esports, it is not important that the team members are athletic, but they must be proficient in the game they are playing. Young people can also report successes, be it a 7-year-old who wins a Pokémon tournament or Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf, who won the Fortnite World Championship at the age of 16. As in traditional sport, the teams are therefore regularly on the lookout for young talent.

A new team in the industry, Team 33, has found such a talent in 8-year-old Joseph "33 Gosu" Deen. This apparently has a knack for Fortnite and was due to it contracted.

As part of the contract signing, Deen received a high-end gaming system worth $ 5,000 and more, according to Gamerant a bonus of $ 33,000. In a press release, the boy stated that this step was "a dream come true" for him. “While many other teams didn't take me because of my age, Team 33 scouted me through Fortnite and let me train with them every day. I couldn't be happier today to become an official member of the team ”.

Epic Games recently announced a monthly subscription.

Is Joseph Deen Too Young?

As nice as the experience in Deen's life may be, the community expresses concern because of his age. It's not the first time that old age has been a problem. The FaZe clan was in a similar situation when they signed Fortnite player H1ghSky1 last year, but he was unable to take part in tournaments because he was only 12 years old at the time. Because of this, his Twitch and Twitter accounts were blocked until he was 13.

How and whether Joseph “33 Gosu” Deen will be allowed to take part in tournaments in the future remains to be seen.