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Fortnite is also a feast for many children with its cheerful cartoon look and fast gameplay. But a 9-year-old has now been banned, which causes criticism from the community about the developers. The rules look clear.

If you think of Fortnite, the cartoon look and the cliché that the game is particularly popular with young children will likely come to mind. There is definitely something in that, because a 9-year-old Brazilian has mastered Fortnite so well that he participated in the FNC solo qualifiers and even secured a place. Now he was promptly banned by Epic. The reason? He is far too young.

Competitive Fortnite has a minimum age

The player named Zenon played live in the stream with his father when he got the spell: Visibly disturbed, he cries and has to be comforted – Fortnite- (buy now) Star and FaZe boss Banks, who has 2.5 million followers on Twitter, thinks that's not okay at all: "Why play a game that is clearly aimed at children if you don't let them play? Such a crap breaks my damn heart, let the child play."Banks says in a tweet in response to Zenon's ban video.

Zenon can continue to play: he was only excluded from competitive modes, his ban time is geared to his age – as soon as he is 13 years old (the minimum age), the ban is lifted and he can participate in tournaments with prize money; then Fortnite should still interest him. Zenon is not the first player to experience this, including the FaZe member

However, casual modes are still open to the 9-year-old Fortnite player, but arena mode is also prohibited: the semi-professional game mode is part of the competitive area that the developers have provided with a minimum age.


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