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Apple and Google kicked Fortnite out of their stores. Now many mobile gamers are wondering how things will go in the coming days with the battle royale shooter on iOS and Android. We have prepared some answers for you.

On Thursday, the Epic Games team introduced a new payment method for iOS and Android in Fortnite, with which players can purchase their V-Bucks cheaper via Epic Direct. The company wanted to avoid the taxes of 30% that previously had to be paid to Apple or Google for every transaction. Because Epic Games violated the guidelines, Fortnite was removed from the App Store and Play Store just a few hours later.

Now many mobile players are wondering whether they can continue to play Fortnite as usual on their smartphone or tablet in the future. We have answered some of these questions for you. As an Android user, there are no changes for the time being. Even if the game itself can no longer be downloaded from the Google Play Store, the necessary APK file is still available on the Epic Games website to disposal. New updates will also be released as planned.

The situation is slightly different for players on iOS. Here you can only download the Battle Royale shooter if you have already linked the game to your Apple account at an earlier point in time. For this reason, there will be no further updates until the dispute between Epic Games and Apple is over. According to those responsible, you will still be able to play Fortnite on iOS. If the argument actually lasts longer, functions such as cross-play and cross-progression for players on iOS would be discontinued indefinitely.

We already reported in detail this morning on the dispute between Epic Games and Apple and Google. We will keep you up to date with new information here.

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