Epic Games is preparing the Activation of Season 7 for Fortnite before: The start is planned for June 8th. Next Tuesday, the 17.00 update will also be available for download, which will display the new content for the Battle Royale shooter. It is already clear that PC gamers can look forward to improved graphics. To prepare for the new Season introduces things to Epic Gamesthat you should still do in the current season “Urzeit”.

So make sure you have completed all open anomaly contracts to unlock every Agent Jones jump style. “Keep an eye out for glowing crack fragments near the location mentioned in the assignment and follow the directions to complete the challenge,” said Epic Games. Those who have already reached level 100 in the Battle Pass may be on the verge of unlocking an exclusive superlevel style for Tarana, Raz or the Spire Assassin. You can use it to decorate your outfits with runes, gold and chrome. Epic Games provides details on this in another Blog entry.

You should also visit Orelia as Lara Croft. The “Anniversary in Gold” style is unlocked when you as Lara Croft steal Orelia’s legendary assault rifle. The Spire quest series can be found in Fortnite (buy now 37,95 € ) also complete before the start of Season 7. In it you compete against Glyph Master Raz to unlock the style of this dark thief for your locker. Epic said: “We know that some players have had difficulties with The Spire quests, so we’re giving the Glyph Master style to players who have progressed on The Spire quests and the Raz outfit is at level 50 on the Battle Pass have unlocked. “

Also keep in mind that your accumulated bars will be reset when Season 7 is activated. So if you still have gold lying around, you should invest it in items before the start of the new season on June 8 – or for weapon upgrades. The current Wild Week is all about discounts: ideal for spending the bars. Finally, we recommend that you complete your fishing rod collection. “While you’re at it, you can take a look at your character collection and see if you’ve already said hello to all the characters on the island,” add the developers.

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