Thursday, April 22, 2021

Fortnite bundle and game hits now available at low prices

From now on you can buy the Nintendo Switch as a bundle in a Fortnite edition – and at an extremely fair price. We'll tell you what you can look forward to with the deal.

With the "Switch Fortnite" bundle you can Nintendo's hybrid console in a unique design to back up. In addition, Fortnite is already pre-installed in the bundle and you also get the Wildcat bundle and 2000 V-Bucks on top. Neither Fortnite nor Switch fans should miss this offer.

"Switch Fortnite" bundle at Saturn

The “Nintendo Switch Fortnite” edition currently costs only 319.73 euros at Saturn. This means that the Special Edition is just under one euro higher than the “Standard Edition” switch, which costs 318.88 euros and does not include the Wildcat bundle or the 2000 V-Bucks. So the Fortnite bundle is a really good deal. The bundle is also significantly cheaper than the other special edition of the Nintendo Switch: The “Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing” edition currently costs 379.19 euros at MediaMarkt.

"Nintendo Switch Fortnite Special Edition" bundle

In addition to the Fortnite bundle, top games for the Switch at Saturn are currently also reduced in price. So if you order the console bundle, you can also grab some of these game hits:

Game hits for the Nintendo Switch

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Gregor Elsholz (ge)
Gregor Elsholz (ge), GIGA expert.

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