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More than four months: Solange hasn't had a season in Fortnite before (buy now) lasted. As expected, the calls for the next season and the associated innovations have been getting louder lately. While Season 2 (Chapter 2) was initially scheduled to start in early February, Epic Games postponed that date to February 20 and tried to keep players happy with new challenges. Now, as announced, the new season has started on Thursday afternoon. In the days before, Epic was already spreading cryptic information about the innovations in Season 2, partly via social media, but also with advertisements in the real world. But now all the guesswork has come to an end, because we know what's new.

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Update and new Battle Pass

The free update for the new season is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, Android and iOS. Download and installation are mandatory requirements to continue playing Fortnite. The second season of the second chapter ends current knowledge as of April 30, 2020, As usual, the new season comes with a new Battle Pass that contains numerous rewards: new outfits, harvesting tools, back accessories, contrails, loading screens, emotes, music, paintwork and so on.

You can find a list of all 101 rewards in the new Fortnite Battle Pass here!

New outfits

A novelty in Fortnite is the Maya skin. You can customize the look of this outfit according to your own preferences from a variety of options. These include hair styles, clothing, tattoos, headgear, shoes, and more.

Here you can find pictures of all customization options of the new Maya skin in Fortnite!

A Deadpool skin is apparently also entering Fortnite. Although it is not included in the Battle Pass, it will be shown at the end of the Epic trailer for the new pass. The outfit is not yet available in the game's item shop. But expect to find the Deadpool skin there in the future and have to plate a few V-Bucks if you want the outfit in your locker.

Here you can find the video for the new Battle Pass, which also shows the Deadpool skin.

New story

Fortnite: Season 2 (Chapter 2) in the Battle Royale shooter is here - these are the innovations! (3)

Fortnite: Season 2 (Chapter 2) in the Battle Royale shooter is here – these are the innovations! (3)

Source: Epic Games

The new season in Fortnite has a secret agent motto. "The island has been taken over by secret agents of the Ghost and Shadow factions and the fate of the island is in the hands of the players," said the official Epic Games press release. It goes on to say: "New extraordinary places are waiting to be discovered all over the island" and "in time-exclusive special operations it is necessary to take enemy bases, eliminate guards and defeat the leaders in order to obtain special and powerful weapons." Therefore, the island now has secret passages in the new season, with which you can break into hiding unnoticed, you can also switch off self-shot systems, bypass surveillance cameras and outwit opponents with new gadgets such as body grenades and disguises.

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