Fortnite down: Epic Games temporarily took the Battle Royale shooter’s servers offline this morning for extended maintenance work in order to install the 16.20 update. The starting shot was fired at 8:00 a.m. German time. As usual, the matchmaking system was switched off half an hour earlier. It is not yet known how long the maintenance work will take. Epic Games only announced that it would take a little more time than it normally does – hence the earlier shutdown. If everything goes according to plan, the Fortnite servers should be available again around noon.

Specific patch notes with a list of the planned changes for the update 16.20 of Fortnite (buy now 37,95 € ) does not exist yet. But about den Twitter-Kanal “Fortnite Status” Epic Games has already announced the first details. Among other things, the team announced some revisions for the vehicles and referred to new wheels. There is also talk of a special Duos Cup, in which your bow skills are required. In addition, you can expect an extended matchmaking for the creative mode, in which up to 50 players can be present. There will certainly be many more changes, bug fixes and optimizations. As soon as the full patch notes are known, you will of course find them immediately in our news section.

Those: Epic Games

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