Fortnite: huge rush at the Galactus event – game update

As is well known, the starting signal for Season 5 in the online shooter Fortnite was recently fired. Shortly before, there was the grand finale of Season 4, in which the ultimate fight against the Marvel villain Galactus was the focus. This event attracted a lot of attention from the fans – and at the same time set a new record.

Like the development studio Epic Games announced, at the event at its absolute climax, up to 15.3 million players were online at the same time to compete against Galactus. This was a new record, as never before in Fortnite history were so many users active at the same time. But not only the in-game activity was enormous: More than 3.4 million fans followed the event via channels such as Twitch or YouTube. They all watched as numerous players were busy hurling the explosive-equipped buses at Galactus before it was able to absorb Zero Point.

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In Fortnite's recently launched Season 5 (buy now € 16.20 ) this Zero Point (called "Nullpunkt" in German) is in focus. Everything revolves around the agent Jones, who recruits numerous hunters from different dimensions and realities to see if everything is going well. These hunters include the Mandalorian from the Disney series of the same name. Incidentally, this adventure will take you to some new locations such as the Colosseum, a jungle and the crystal desert.

Source: Epic Games

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