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Epic Games aims to create a more enduring experience with the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) 2021. Now the possible prizes, the transfer schedules, gameplay adjustments and other tournament offers have been announced in advance.

The new Champion Series will start soon

Participant in Fortnite (buy now ) Champion Series in trio format can look forward to a prize pool of US $ 20 million this year. US $ 1.35 million is available for Europe in each of the four FNCS seasons. In addition, further, larger tournaments will take place until the middle of the year, in which the players will fight for more prize money.

Here is the schedule for Chapter 2 – Season 5:

  • Qualification 1: February 4th to 7th
  • Qualification 2: February 11-14
  • Qualification 3: February 18-21
  • Break: February 25-28
  • Semifinals: March 5-7
  • Restart round: March 12th and 13th
  • Finals: March 12-14

In addition, these additional competitions take place:

  • Solo Saturdays
  • Adjustments to the LTM tournaments
  • Cups with cash prizes in trio format
  • Console tournaments

The following gameplay changes will also be made for the Champion Series Fortnite made:

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