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In Italy, schools are closed due to the corona virus and players are now spending more time in Fortnite, for example. This has an impact on the Internet usage in Italy. Because the network utilization of Telecom Italia has risen extremely since then.

What do Italian gamers do when schools are closed and they have to stay home due to the corona virus? Computer games help to forget boredom. The increased playing of titles like Fortnite or Call of Duty Warzone but has an impact on network utilization – especially when major updates have to be downloaded.

Increased Internet usage in Italy

The head of Telecom Italia, Luigi Gubitosi, explains: "We have seen an increase in Internet traffic on our landline network of more than 70% compared to online games like Fortnite (buy now for € 9.99) make a big contribution. The Telecom Italia network works flawlessly and with higher volumes than in previous days. The problems reported affected only a few applications and the Internet due to a failure of the international network. "

But it is not just games like Fortnite that are busy in Italy. Streaming services such as Netflix are also used more often than usual. This "problem" is also spreading to other countries. In Sweden, for example, increased traffic was also reported compared to February. That shouldn't be any different in Germany with the school closings starting next week.

Source: Bloomberg

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