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"Rickrolling" doesn't stop at the online shooter Fornite. You can now buy an in-game emote that will make your character dance like Rick Astley.

For 500 V-Bucks you can now play in Epic Games' online shooter Fortnite buy a new emote. With this you perform the dance in the game, which Rick Astley performs in his song "Never Gonna Give You Up". "Rickrolling" has now arrived in Fortnite.

Rickrolling in Fortnite

What is "Rickrolling" anyway? This joke of luring someone into a video of Rick Astley's song "Never Gonna Give You Up" came into "fashion" sometime around 2007.

You dance with the emote in Fortnite (buy now for 13.49 €) but not only like the singer, the song is also played. Epic Games has licensed the song and the dance. It is the first time that Epic has really obtained the license for a dance. In the past, the company simply used the moves of well-known people, which has already led to controversial situations. Perhaps more appropriate licenses will now be obtained and we will see more such emotes.

So if you want to troll your opponents in Fortnite, buy the emote and dance in front of them like Rick Astley to "Never Gonna Give You Up".

Source: KitGuru

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