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Epic Games releases Fortnite Update 12.31. The patch was released as part of a downtime: Fortnite was temporarily offline today. With the patch notes, Epic Games is once again covered. On Reddit, however, players collect the first information about the changes and innovations. Major new features are not expected with the new Fortnite update. Rather, bug fixes and optimizations are on the program. In the article you will learn what changes the world with Battle Royale and Save.

Epic Games gives it Fortnite update 12.31 for download free. The patch was installed as part of today's downtime: the servers were temporarily offline in the morning. With the patch notes, Epic Games is once again covered. On Reddit, however, players gather first information about the changes and innovations. No new features are expected today. With the "maintenance patch", the developers primarily deploy bug fixes and optimizations. An overview of the bug fixes in progress for Battle Royale can be found in the Trello board of developers.

With the new Fortnite update, for example, Epic Games is ironing out a graphics error in the PS4 version. After the patch last week, the edges of hills were suddenly blurred. With the new update, the graphics problem should be a thing of the past. On the Short message service Twitter The developers also announced that the Codaxe pickaxe is now available again in the game. Epic Games had to deactivate the item last because it caused damage at a distance from a bug. With the new patch, the Codaxe pickaxe is back at Fortnite. Also on Twitter, Epic Games mentions that game crashes should no longer occur if you change styles for cosmetics in the locker.

Player of Save the world received this week Access to long-eared Marauder Jonesy. Its standard advantage is called Safe Shot and increases the damage of critical hits by sniper rifles by 75 percent. With Safe Shot + it increases by 225 percent. The hero is available in the Event Shop from April 11 to June 19. Plush Puschek Eagle Eye is also available during the same period. With the advantage of impressive departure, a phase change leaves three egg bombs, which cause 18 basic damage to opponents. With the commander's advantage, 55 base damage is dealt. (buy now for € 27.99)

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