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This comes as a surprise: Epic Games has released a new update for Fortnite. There was no announcement of the patch in advance. The main focus is on bug fixes and optimizations. The patch notes published by Trello show that, among other things, the ziplines are back in play and the football skins now show numbers on the front of the jersey. There are not only changes to Battle Royale. The update also contains innovations for Save the World. We summarize the details in the article. Fortnite Update 11.50 is expected for the coming week.

Epic Games is releasing a new update for Fortnite. Like the developers about the Short message service Twitter the "Maintenance" patch is now available on all platforms. The usual announcement before the update did not take place today. The developers provide insights into the patch notes via the Trello board. The focus of today's update is primarily bug fixes and optimizations. The update brings the ziplines back into play. They were temporarily deactivated due to an error.

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In addition, after the new Fortnite update, it should be possible to edit structures again if you look straight down at the field with your character. The Goalbound Set is also being updated. As the developers say, the numbers are now shown on the front of the jersey. You can read more details from the patch notes under this link in Trello board from Epic Games, Not only does the Battle Royale mode get changes, but also save the world.

Epic Games presents the latest changes in a recent blog entry. So there's a new weekly Frostnite challenge ahead. The new challenge combines the game mechanics of Frostfeld, The festival makes waves, overheating and fuel thirst. If you master the challenge, you unlock the electron tube arc. Sarah, a new heroine, also comes into play. With its standard "Tail of the Dragon" advantage, it leaves an energy trail that causes 18 base energy damage per second. With "Tail of the Dragon +" it leaves an energy trail that causes 45 basic energy damage per second and slows enemies by 30 percent for three seconds.

Changes to the event shop

The new heroine will be available in the event shop from February 1st. Epic Games says: "The update of the event shop now follows a different schedule: with a few exceptions, it is now every Saturday at 1:00 am. The weekly shop is still updated every Thursday at 1:00 am." Finally, the developers write that players who were affected by the wipe of the backpack and the camp receive items based on their account level. You will receive compensation in the form of an item package with an abundance of materials (for building, manufacturing, etc.). (buy now for € 11.50)

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