Fortnite offline: Server down for update 12.21 today – new patch on the way – game update

of David Martin
Fortnite down: The servers are offline today. Epic Games is preparing to release Fortnite Update 12.21 – the patch will be released today. In the run-up to the maintenance work, the developers have given the specific time of the downtime: Fortnite has been offline since 7 a.m. Maintenance started earlier than usual. How long Fortnite stays down is not clear from the information. It is also unclear what changes the patch makes. Save the World players can probably look forward to a new weapon and new heroes. The patch notes for update 12.21 should be available later in the day.

Fortnite is offline: Epic Games is doing maintenance on the survival shooter. In the run-up to the downtime, the developers gave the specific time: Fortnite has been down at 7 a.m. since this morning. The downtime started about three hours earlier than in the past. Accordingly, no logins are possible. Fortnite does not currently allow entry into the matches.

How long the Battle Royale shooter stays offline is not clear from the developers' information. Maintenance at Fortnite is usually short-lived. In the course of the morning, the servers should return and Fortnite should play again as usual. The patch notes for Fortnite Update 12.21 are also not yet known. Delivered last week Epic Games for patch 12.20 a small Outlook for the next content update.

Save the World players are likely to receive the Close Threat grenade launcher after today's patch. In addition, a new heroine should come into play with the Highland warrior Wildcat. It is expected to be available in the Event Shop from March 28th. As soon as we get more information about today's patch in Fortnite, you will find out as usual. The survival shooter is available on PC, consoles and mobile devices. You can find a current video below. (buy now for € 9.99)

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Epic Games will shutdown Fortnite's servers on March 17, 2020 to apply update 12.20.

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