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from David Martin
Fortnite down: The servers are offline today. Epic Games announces scheduled maintenance for the Battle Royale shooter. As part of the downtime, Fortnite Update 12.40 is released. The patch notes are not yet available. However, there is a first small outlook on the expected changes and innovations. The developers have already communicated the times for the downtime. Fortnite has been offline since 8:00 AM.

Fortnite offline: The servers are down. Epic Games announces scheduled maintenance for the Battle Royale shooter. about Reddit and Twitter call the developers first bits of information about downtime. There is already a time: Fortnite has been offline since 8 a.m. First of all, logins for the Battle Royale shooter are no longer possible. The matchmaking system was switched off half an hour earlier. At around 7:30 a.m., you could get into the last game for now.

How long Fortnite stays offline is not clear from the information. The downtimes at Fortnite are usually short. The servers should return around noon – and let the online shooter play as usual. As part of the maintenance, Epic Games today releases Fortnite Update 12.40. No concrete details from the patch notes are available to date. A look at that Trello board after all, the developer shows which bug fixes they are currently working on. (buy now for € 27.99)

With the Fortnite Update 12.40 the grenades could return and the corresponding glitch could have been fixed. Dataminer also provides information on the possible changes and innovations. For example, Hypex reports on Twitter that Deadpool the additional style option X-Force receives. Double pistols with silencers could also come into play. So far, it is not known what content is specifically put on for saving the world. As soon as we receive further information from the patch notes for Fortnite Update 12.40, you will find this as usual on our website. Only recently did Epic have them Fortnite season 2 extended.

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