Fortnite down: The servers for the Battle Royale shooter are currently offline. Today the update is 16.00 and the Start of season 6 at. Via the short message service Twitter the developers share more information about the downtime. The servers have been offline since 5 a.m. Logins or joining the game have not been possible since then. How long Fortnite offline remains, is not apparent from the information. But because the big solo event is supposed to start around 9 a.m., it can be assumed that the maintenance work will be completed by then. The developers write that the downtime will be ended on all platforms at the same time.

However: The times of the patch rollouts on the individual platforms may vary within the downtime. In addition, Epic Games writes that the 16.00 update is definitely bigger than the previous patches. This is due to the new content that will be installed for Season 6. The specific patch notes with details on the changes and innovations are not yet available. One thing is certain: With the activation of the new season you can play the big solo event in the Battle Royale shooter. As soon as your Fortnite (buy now € 14.60 ) starts, the action begins. Remember to adjust the audio settings for the cinematics if necessary.

"The zero point is becoming more and more unstable," announced the creators on the Battle Royale shooter website and added: "If you start the new season for the first time, you will be the end of Agent Jones' mission itself in the zero point crisis finale The effects of this event will shake reality to the core. " It remains to be seen which effects are actually meant. As soon as we have more information about the patch notes, you will find out as usual on our website.

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