Fortnite offline: Update 11.11 is released today

from David Martin
Fortnite down: The servers go offline today. Epic Games is playing the 11.11 update. The developers have already communicated a time: Fortnite goes offline at 10 o'clock. The matchmaking system will be shut down half an hour before. The patch notes for Fortnite Update 11.11 have not been communicated by the developers so far. Promises are bug fixes and optimizations for all game modes. Details about the new content for Save the World are already available. Yesterday, Epic Games had to postpone the release of the update.

Epic Games calls a new date for the Fortnite Update 11.11: The patch is available today as a download – originally it was planned for yesterday. In the run-up to the patch release, the servers go down: Fortnite is offline from 10 clock. Then the survival shooter can not play anymore. The matchmaking system will be switched off as usual half an hour before. How long Fortnite remains offline, is not clear from the information provided by Epic Games.

As a rule, the maintenance work is completed at noon. In the early afternoon you should be able to play as usual Fortnite again. It remains to be seen what changes the developers with the Fortnite Patch 11.11 play. So far, it is only known that the update contains various bugfixes and optimizations for all game modes. Thus, program changes for Battle Royale and Save the World are on. Whether Battle Royale also receives new content, remains to be seen.

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Will Patch Notes Update 11.11 Follow Today?

Exact patch notes had not been released by Epic Games since the launch of Chapter 2: Season 1. Players should, as far as possible, discover the content uploaded with the weekly updates themselves. Whether a changelog appears with today's update is unclear. In our news section, we keep you up to date.

In a previously released roadmap, Epic Games at least shared what new features are planned for saving the world in the coming weeks. So currently the new nightmares order series monster bride is available. With the Fortnite Update 11.11, the monster designer, the sword of the set Black Metal, a music package for the locker and Raven come into play. Fortnite is available on PC, consoles and mobile devices. (buy now for 53,93 €)

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