Player of Fortnite will get access to the 16.30 update. The patch is available for download after a downtime: Fortnite was temporarily offline this morning. Epic Games used the maintenance to prepare the battle royale shooter for the new content. But this time too, the developers are holding back with concrete details about the patch notes. However, players on Twitter, Reddit and Co. have already collected the first details about the changes and innovations. Like, for example, the well-known Leaker Hypex reports, the two time-limited game modes One Shot Duos and Body Guard will go live after the downtime. At a later date, Knockout: Air Raid Duos, Wild West Squads and Ground Game Squads will also be available as LTMs.

New weapons come with the Fortnite update 16.30 (buy now 37,81 € ) also on the island. A new feature is Raz’s explosive bow, which fires an explosive projectile – three small bombs are detonated on impact. Also new are the E-11 Blaster Rifle, the Mandalorians Jet-Pack and the Amban Sniper Rifle. The latter can also be used as a close combat weapon. Another new feature is the “Unstable Bow”, which, according to the description, fires “anything”. Chance decides whether, for example, a shock wave or grenade arrow is shot down. You can get the bow in the game for 500 gold. There are also new skins, weapon wraps and Batman’s gliders. Also new are orders, outfits and more Rewards for professional soccer player Neymar Jr.

The Fortnite Update 16.30 also has individual innovations for Save the World. As Epic Games announces in the patch notes on its website, Deimos is included in the crew package for May. With his standard Corrupted Aura perk, you deal six basic damage to nearby enemies while in Shadow. With the commander advantage it is even 20 base damage. In addition to Deimos, the crew package for May also includes all the other items from the soon-to-be-released Neo-Underworld set: the back accessory “Cutting Edge of Sorrows” (the blade of a fallen traveler), the fateful “Hand of Sorrow” pickaxe, made by Soul-possessed paint job “Echo of Doom” and the loading screen belonging to Deimos “Skull Hunter”.

From May 2nd, you will also have to complete the comeback series of eye patches in order to unlock Chef Riggs from home base. The lures with the standard advantage Direct Threat, whereby eliminations with Forward Constructor increase the duration by one second (works for up to ten eliminations). The new heroes are rounded off by the pirate Ramirez. There is also a new bow that shoots powder kegs that explode after two seconds. Further Information about the update at Save the World can be found on the Epic website.

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