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Epic Games has released Fortnite Update 12.40 as a download. The patch appears in the course of the current downtime: Fortnite has been offline since this morning. The patch notes with the changes and innovations for Save the World are now available. For example, players can look forward to the return of the blockbuster mission series. There are also new heroes. Epic Games does not reveal which changes the Battle Royale mode has after the Fortnite Update 12.40. However, Dataminer has already identified the first innovations.

For Fortnite, update 12.40 is available for download. The update appears in the course of today's downtime: Fortnite was temporarily offline this morning. The first details of the patch notes are now available. For the Battle Royale mode, the developers are once again keeping themselves covered and letting fans track down the innovations themselves. Resourceful Dataminer have already found the first changes. For example, there are new emotes and a new X-Force set for your characters.

Deadpool can now also swing into the new X-Force skins. There are also changes in Mida's room. In addition, the developers have turned The Shark into a prison – with new play areas for the multiplayer skirmishes. In addition, Dataminer discovered 12.40 dual pistols with silencers in the game files of the Fortnite update. However, they don't seem to be in the game yet – at least no one has found how Dataminer Hypex reports.

Patch Notes for Save the World: Update 12.40

For Fortnite Save the World, however, the patch notes for update 12.40 are available. Players can therefore look forward to the return of the blockbuster mission series. If you complete the missions, you unlock the mythical soldier Carbide and the mythical Ninja Cloaked Star. Carbide's standard advantage is shock and pinch. "One in each hand causes suffering that causes 13 basic energy damage every second for 3 seconds," said Epic Games. In addition, there is the team advantage "Apparently inferior". Heroes of at least an epic frequency increase the healing received by a nearby enemy by 2.5 percent. Cloaked Star, on the other hand, throws all the throwing stars at once with the standard advantage of a fan of stars – and also adds a star. (buy now for € 27.99)

With the team advantage round flight, the throwing stars return to you and cause damage again. That requires two ninjas of at least legendary frequency. The brave bumblebee Ken returns to the event shop on April 18 – with exhaustion as a standard advantage. Kunai Storm hurls three egg bombs, each causing 37 base damage to nearby enemies. There are also new hoverboard paintwork. The developers say: "Paintings for melee weapons and the cosmetic item shop are suspended indefinitely because the team is working on a major new feature." No details about the new function are available yet. Also in the game is the egg thrower, where a maximum of six eggs can be active at the same time. Fortnite Update 12.40 is rounded off by various bug fixes.

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