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Epic Games has released Fortnite Update 12.50 for download. The patch is available as part of today's downtime: Fortnite was offline this morning – the servers down. In the meantime, concrete details on the changes and innovations are available. Epic Games didn't release the patch notes for Battle Royale this week either. However, on Reddit and Twitter, players are gathering details of the new features. It's different with Save the World: The patch notes with the changes are available here. What's in Fortnite Update 12.50?

Epic Games publishes it Fortnite update 12.50. The patch appears in the course of today's downtime: Fortnite was offline this morning. In the meantime, the servers have returned and the survival shooter can be played as usual. The first tangible details on the changes and innovations are now available. The developers have not released any patch notes for Battle Royale this week either. However, users gather details about the new features on Twitter and Reddit. From now on you will discover a "new place" on the map – behind it is Risky Reels. After the update 12.50 you should find the area faster.

Fortnite Update 12.50 also makes changes for the heavy sniper rifle. The Heavy Sniper Rifle receives a nerf: head hits in epic format now only cause 126 damage and in the legendary variant 132 damage. From the Trello board The survival shooter also shows which bug fixes the developers worked on for the patch. Error corrections are promised for challenges, for example. In the end it could happen that the challenges were not counted properly. Big innovations don't seem to be in line for this week like that Reddit to Fortnite BR can be removed.

Save the world: this is new after update 12.50

For Fortnite save the world lie the patch notes in front. For example, update 12.50 brings the pirate Blakebeard Black Heart into play. With its standard clear ship advantage, it increases cannonball damage by 20 percent. With Clear Ship +, cannonball damage increases by 40 percent. R.O.I.S.E. 25 cannonballs. His team advantage is called Blakebeard's hiding place. Each elimination has a five percent chance of uncovering one of Blakebeard's hiding spots, which can include items such as wooden leg, coconuts, and cannonballs. The hero will be available in the Event Shop from May 2nd.

On the same day, the weapon powder shot appears in the event shop. With the bow you shoot powder kegs on the casings. The barrel explodes after two seconds. On the other hand, you get the xenon bow from the llamas. With the arrows you hit several casings in a row. By the way, the pirate Ramirez has announced that she will save the world for the coming week. The heroine comes into play with the Fortnite content update 12.50. (buy now for € 9.99)

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Dataminer discovered an animation that could indicate swimming underwater. There is no confirmation yet.

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