The Fortnite Update 13.40 is available for download ready. The new patch appeared within a downtime: Fortnite's servers were temporarily offline this morning. In the meantime, Epic Games has published details from the patch notes. In Battle Royale mode, the new cars are among the highlights of the update. "Get behind the wheel of the first mobile cars from Fortnite! If the car is not blocked by a wheel claw, you just have to turn the key that is already in the ignition lock," write the developers. From now on it is possible to jet across the island with one of the available vehicles.

Epic Games also announced which patch notes Cars drive from Fortnite Update 13.40 to let. Also included are the Islander Prevalent (compact car), Victory Motors Whiplash (sports car), OG Bear (off-road vehicle) and Titano Mudflap (truck). The radio can be switched on in the individual cars – and one of the new radio stations can be heard. The vehicles have to be refueled regularly. There are petrol pumps available for this. Alternatively, you can use jerry cans that can be found all over the map. In addition, the water level on the map seems to have changed with Fortnite Update 13.40. The level has therefore decreased over a large area, which among other things unlocks new roads – the ideal surface for the new vehicles.

Save the world: that's new with update 13.40

Epic Games does not provide any further details on the innovations in Fortnite Battle Royale in the patch notes. In addition, there are various bug fixes, such as from the Trello board emerges. From now on, for example, the mouse pointer should no longer appear in the PC version if you are playing with a controller. The EP bar should also be properly displayed again after the patch download. (buy now for 16.40 €)

In a current status report, the developers meanwhile mention the changes for Save the World. So there is a new feature for opening multiple llamas. "With this extremely efficient method, you can open ten llamas at once, and because the animation is skipped, the whole thing is even faster," the developers say.

In addition, a counter shows how often you already have a sketch or the hero. Both heroes and sketches can now be leveled up ten levels at a time. In addition, the developers name the current rewards of the enterprise level. A Epic Games keeps an overview on its website ready. New heroes are also planned for Save the World. From August 8, Dennis Jr. will be available in the event shop. With its standard shredder advantage, ax eliminations give an eleven percent chance of rocky reef. With shredder +, the chance is even 37 percent. The gun is also available in the event shop on the same day. If you smash the bull on the floor, sound impulses are sent out, harming the opponents and pushing them away.

On August 8, Oberknacker sets off for the radio station so that he can go on the air with the second part of his perfect summer song. As a reward, the decibomber waves here. This weapon fires violent sound waves that can strike through enemies and bounce up to five times, each time causing damage to an area.

Via Epic Games

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