Update 16.10 is available for Fortnite. The patch is available for download this morning after a downtime. Epic Games is once again holding back with the patch notes, so it is up to the players to find out the changes and innovations themselves. After all, the developers had already announced the first changes this morning when the downtime was announced. One of the highlights is a new predator that hatched from the eggs with Update 16.10.

The first players have already met the new dinosaurs and recorded the meeting in videos – we have included a clip below. You should be careful if you come across one of the dinosaurs, because they will attack you immediately. However, there is also the possibility of taming the prehistoric animals and then using them in combat. Furthermore, with the recycler, a new weapon comes into play that causes 75 damage to your opponents.

Epic Games also promises adjustments to loot and crafting. For example, the update reduces the rate of fire of the primeval shotgun. In addition, there are adjustments in the manufacture of the shotgun. In addition, the cost of the crafting materials should be adjusted to the rarity of manufacture. From now on you will discover animal bones as loot on the ground. The patch also brings back moving storm zones in non-competitive modes. You can also look forward to the start of the Freaky Spring event in Fortnite.

For Save the World, Epic Games has published more detailed details and patch notes for Update 16.10. The next season of endeavors “Saltwater Shallow” starts on April 4th. The developers write, “During the Saltwater Shallow Endeavor season, the hulls are super powerful. The hulls, now known as Super Hulls, have tremendous modifier powers in the Saltwater Shallow Endeavor missions.” Details on the super melee monsters, super ranged monsters and super defense monsters can be found on the Epic Games website with this link.

Furthermore, new crypt missions are waiting for you. If you complete the missions, you will receive the swamp knight as a reward – until June 19th. With its standard perk, Unearthly Gift, the damage against fog monsters increases by up to 42 percent, based on the percentage of your lack of fitness. You will also receive – also until June 19 – the swamp monster Ken as a reward for the crypt missions. Also, stop by Save the World to complete the Blockbuster Quest series. Here Carbide and Cloaked Star beckon as a reward. The Arr! Order series also promises plenty of loot. If you complete the missions, Blakebeard Black Heart is waiting for you. Miss Bunny Penny is available in the event shop until April 4th. Long-eared marauder Jonesy and plush fluffy eagle eye will be available in the shop from April 11th.

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