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The PC version of the online shooter Fortnite is currently not making as much money as before. After several months, the game from Epic Games has flown from the top 10 games with the highest sales worldwide. However, specific figures are not known.

It's no longer a secret that the online shooter Fortnite brings a lot of money to the developer studio Epic Games every month. But November doesn't seem to have been quite as successful in this regard – at least not the PC version. This is suggested by a current report from SuperData Research.

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Accordingly, the PC version of Fortnite (buy now for 13.49 €) namely flown out of the top 10 games with the highest sales worldwide, after which it had always been there for several months. Although concrete figures are not yet known, it does indicate that the online shooter's sales seem to have slumped somewhat. The console version has also lost some ground and is "only" in eighth place in the corresponding charts. It remains to be seen whether it is just a short-term "weak period" of the online shooter.

Also interesting: The report shows that users spent more than $ 9.5 billion worldwide on or in games in November 2019. That means growth of five percent compared to the same period last year. The largest part of this is due to the still rapidly growing segment of mobile gaming, which brought in revenues of $ 5.58 billion last month alone. That corresponds to 59 percent of total sales. The other segments all declined somewhat over the same period.

Source: SuperData Research

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