Fortnite Server down: Update 11.20 will be released today

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Fortnite down: Epic Games today released the update 11.20 for Fortnite and shut down the servers for this purpose. These are no longer accessible from 10:00 clock. Maintenance should be completed by noon. The complete patch notes are still available, but there are first details.

The development studio Epic Games today released the new update 11.20 for the online shooter Fortnite. For this purpose, the mandatory maintenance is planned so that the servers are no longer accessible from 10:00 clock German time – the matchmaking system, the developers had already turned off half an hour before. Should everything proceed as usual, the maintenance work should be completed around noon, but a specific time is not yet known. At the latest during the afternoon, the servers of Fortnite (buy now for 53,93 €) work again as usual.

Where are the patch notes for update 11.20?

Since the launch of Chapter 2: Season 1, Epic Games has withstood the release of detailed patch notes for Fortnite. Up to now, version 11.20 is no exception, there is currently no complete list of changes. However, after all, some minor details are already known. Among other things, a graphics enhancement awaits you with the implementation of DirectX 12. In addition, the developers have planned the comeback of the bandage bazooka.

For the mode "Save the world" you can look forward among other things to the fight against the Storm King as well as new mythical weapons. Furthermore, there should be some gameplay changes based on feedback from the fans. Whether a changelog appears with today's update is unclear. In our news section, we keep you up to date.

Source: Twitter

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Today is the update 11.20 for Fortnite. (2) (Source: Epic Games)

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