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Epic Games has released the major Fortnite Update 13.00 for download – and the starting signal for Season 3. In the meantime, details on the patch notes are available: The developers are introducing innovations and changes to Battle Royale and Save the World. Among other things, a map is flooded for gamers. Over time, the water level should drop to unlock more locations. There are also new opponents, sharks as a means of transportation, a designer umbrella, new skins and cars. A new Battle Pass is also available for Fortnite Season 3. The season started after today's downtime: Fortnite was offline for several hours this morning.

Fortnite is back: the servers are online again, the Season 3 starts is done. With the activation, the major update 13.00 is available for download, which installs the new content. Details of the patch notes are now available: Epic Games announces the changes and innovations. In the Battle Royale battles, a largely flooded map is now waiting for you. Buildings are in the water and are no longer connected.

The water level should drop over time to unlock more locations. Also new in Season 3: Sharks. Although they are dangerous and hungry for your items, they also serve as a means of transportation in Fortnite. You hang yourself on a shark with a fishing rod to let yourself be drawn over the water. In addition, you take on new marauders who have come to the island and want to kill you.

Another special feature of Fortnite Season 3: the designer umbrella. As you level up and complete challenges, you can create your own screen. However, choose carefully: the selection is final. Also new are the cars that you can use to jet over the map – at least over the parts of the map that have been spared from the water. We have included a trailer with an outlook on the new content of Fortnite Season 3 below. (buy now for € 27.99)

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Fortnite: Trailer for the Battle Pass in Season 3

Save the World: Season 3 Patch Notes

Save the World also gets new content with Update 13.00 and Season 3. Epic Games announces on the survival shooter website that the tombs and blockbuster event have been extended until June 30th. At the transition to Season 3, your adventure tickets will be converted into spy lamas. "The home base will do a final conversion of your remaining adventure tickets into pirate llamas when the blockbuster event ends on June 30th. If you prefer the pirate llamas to spy lamas, you should now issue your tickets," writes Epic Games in the status report.

With the thrashing device, a new weapon is coming to the event shop on June 20. With the devastating jump attack, you hit the covers with the flintlock hammer from the screen in no time. For June 27, Epic Games has once again announced the hero Star Banner headhunter for the event shop in Fortnite Save the World. Their standard advantage is called spoils of war. With every shot there is a 25 percent chance that no ammunition will be used. With spoils of war + the chance is 50 percent.

Fortnite: Trailer for Season 3 shows flooded map

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Fortnite is offline: Epic Games is preparing to launch Season 3. The developers are now releasing the Battle Pass trailer. Fortnite offline: Server down for major update 13.00 and Season 3 - first trailer is herePCNSWPS4XBOX360

Fortnite offline: Server down for major update 13.00 and season 3 – first trailer is here

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Fortnite: Teasers get in the mood for Season 3 – activation and update tomorrow

Epic Games is preparing players for the upcoming launch of Fortnite Season 3. The developers use teaser images to indicate the setting.

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