Fortnite: Teasers are ready for Season 3

from David Martin
Epic Games is preparing players for the upcoming launch of Fortnite Season 3. In the past few hours, the developers have published several teaser images via the short message service Twitter, which could indicate the setting of the new season. The pointers to a water map in Fortnite Season 3 are condensed on Wednesday. We will find out whether the speculations are true on Wednesday: tomorrow the new update for Fortnite will be available for download. In order to prepare the servers for Season 3, a downtime must be expected before the new content is activated. Fortnite goes offline for several hours on Wednesday morning.

Fans are excited about the start of Fortnite Season 3. To get in the mood for the new content, the big live event "The Device" took place on Monday. Since then, meter-high water storms with sharks have been waiting for you. Epic Games could have provided another indication of the setting in Season 3 – and will soon completely flood the map. The fact that the new season could have a water map for the Battle Royale shooter has been part of the rumor mill over the past few weeks. What players could expect at the start of Fortnite Season 3 also seems to be shown in the teaser images published on Twitter since the live event yesterday.

We have included the individual teaser images below. In the first teaser, for example, the developers indicated a trident – fans quickly solved the picture puzzle. Possibly the new pickaxe as part of the new Battle Pass at Fortnite (buy now for € 27.99) is introduced. Last night, Epic Games posted another teaser, followed by an additional picture this afternoon. We have included the picture puzzles below.

Fans have already published solutions to the individual puzzles on Twitter – you can find them on the Twitter channel of Fortnite. It remains to be seen what the motifs ultimately mean for season 3. Until the start of Season 3, further teasers should follow: The new season begins on Wednesday. A major update is expected for tomorrow, which will include the new content for the Battle Royale shooter. It remains to be seen whether the rumors about a flooded map are true. As soon as we have details from the patch notes, we will submit them in our news area.

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