Fortnite: Unlock "The Device" Today

from David Martin
Season 3 is about to start in Fortnite: the major update will be released on June 17. Epic Games is already ending the current season in the Battle Royale shooter. "The device" is a live event expected by many players in Fortnite tonight. There is already a time: The event will be activated at 8 p.m. If you want to take part in the action, you should secure a place half an hour earlier. One can only speculate about the location – presumably the device takes place at The Agency.

Fans are looking forward to the start of Fortnite Season 3: The big update will be available for download from June 17th. After several postponements, the time has finally come: The new content goes live on Wednesday. However, Epic Games has yet to provide specific details about season 3 changes and innovations in the current Fortnite chapter. A water map is said to come into play. We will of course keep you up to date in our news area. A downtime is expected on Wednesday morning: Fortnite goes offline for several hours. As part of the maintenance, the developers install the update for Season 3 – afterwards the new content is available.

Even before Season 3 unlocks takes place in Fortnite a live event instead of: "The device" is already running tonight. The developers have already communicated one time: the in-game event takes place at 8 p.m. They share about the Short message service Twitter with that players should appear half an hour earlier – places are limited. So far, one can only speculate about the location of "Das Device".

Because there is a countdown in the game at The Agency, it is reasonable to assume that this could also be the venue. Recently, there were always indications that Midas – the head of the agency – could be the focus of the live event. So far, however, there are no concrete details on the process. The device was moved several times with the start of Season 3. Today or Wednesday the time has finally come. Fortnite (buy now) is available on PC, consoles and mobile devices.

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