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Several clues have appeared on the Internet this week, which probably reveal the name of Project A. This is the FPS title from Riot Games, which is aimed primarily at competitive players. In addition to a trademark entry of the studio, a Twitter account with suspicious followers from the streaming and e-sports area was also discovered. Riot Games is still silent.

In October 2019, Riot Games announced numerous game projects that are currently under development apart from League of Legends. This included, among other things, "Project A", a competitive FPS title, which was already presented in more detail in a video. Since the unveiling, however, the game has become a bit quiet again. Now, however, some things have appeared on the Internet that probably reveal the official name of Project A. A confirmation is still pending.

According to one Trademarkfiled by Riot Games on February 20, 2020, Valorant could be the title for the shooter. The status of the trademark is currently still pending. Another indication of why Valorant could actually be the name is provided by a previously inactive one Twitter account with the abbreviation @PlayValorant. The profile has already gained over 4,000 followers in the course of the month – including numerous well-known Twitch streamers and e-sports professionals from the areas of FPS, battle royale shooters and more.

It is very likely that Riot Games will use streaming platforms such as Twitch in particular to market their FPS project. As the team revealed a few months ago, the game is said to be at an early stage. It is therefore difficult to estimate when we can expect news about the title. Riot Games has not yet released a release.

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