Free items in Xbox Series X Launch Week for RDO

Rockstar Games announces an info update for Red Dead Redemption 2 Online. Again this week, players can expect new activities in western action. This time there are free collectibles for everyone who dials into the game world this week. For logging in to Red Dead Online you will be rewarded with two bird eggs, two arrowheads and two family heirlooms. In addition, the borderland attracts wanted people for bounty hunters with 50 percent more RDO dollars. Furthermore, bounty hunters from rank 5 receive a free role outfit, accessory or emote.

In addition, bounty hunters who deliver a legendary wanted person get a 40 percent discount on a bounty hunter item. There is also a 40 percent discount on a collector's item for all collectors who dig up at least five collectibles. In addition, collectors from rank 5 receive four mega sauna fossils and a free coat. You will also discover new time-limited clothing in Red Dead Online. The catalog from Wheeler, Rawson & Co. includes the Irwin coat, the porter jacket, the charro jacket, the Prieto poncho, the concho trousers, the owanjila hat, the stovepipe cylinder with a fan, the raccoon cap, the Cossack hat and the Shaffer leg guards available.

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Members of Prime Gaming (formerly Twitch Prime) get a "free" cartridge belt, 50 percent discount on a double cartridge belt, 50 percent on the luxury campfire and 30 percent on the improved bow. Bonuses like a "free" katata coat and 6,000 naturalist XP are still active. RDO is available on PC and consoles.

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