Free updated decks for returnees and beginners

from Sebastian Glanzer
Blizzard has made a free deck available to returnees and beginners in Hearthstone so that they can get started straight away. These decks have now been brought up to date in order to be fair to the current metagame. We'll show you what the entry-level decks look like now.

Starting July 30, 2020, the free decks that new Hearthstone players and returnees will receive will be adjusted. All those who have not logged into Hearthstone for 120 days or longer count as returnees. To get your free deck as a new player, you must first complete the beginner tutorial and qualify in the Ranked game (complete five games). Returnees who do not have a free deck slot do not have to panic by the way – you will still receive the cards from the deck. You can see below the revised entry-level decks.

Simply copy the deck code completely and create a new deck in your collection. The game will then automatically ask you whether you want to use the code and automatically create the deck (even if you are missing cards). So you can see which cards are in the deck.

Warrior – pirate deck

Shaman – Gala Crown Deck

Rogue – Gala Crown Deck
AAECAaIHBJKXA8GuA + O0A8vAAw20Ae0CzQOIB90Ij5cD9acDua4Dv64D / q4Dqq8Dzq8DgrEDAA ==

Paladin – book band deck

Hunter – Highlander dragon deck
AAECAR8eqAK1A + EElwjFCNsJ5pYD + ZYDx50D / KMD5KQDpqUDiq0Di60Djq0D + a4D / K8D / q8D57AD / 7ADgbEDgrEDhbEDh7EDkbEDorkD / 7oD + 7sDDARAAD3

Druid – dragon deck
AAECAZICBMUE4p8D9q0DiLADDUD + AcQGl60DsK0D / a0DjK4D3q8D / 7UD6LoD7LoD7roD87sDAA ==

Warlock – Gala Crown Lakai Deck
AAECAf0GBIKlA4KxA + O0A / G / Aw0w0wGxCMIIiJ0D + qQD / acD6KwD6qwD + a4D / q4Dqq8D068DAA ==

Mage – Spell'tacular deck (no servants, only spells)
AAECAf0EAr + kA8W4Aw67AskDqwSWBZ + bA6CbA / + dA / SrA / GvA8G4A8K4A4y5A4G / A97EAwA =

Priest resuscitation deck

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