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Starting May 14, Fallout 76 will be available to play for free for a few days. You will get to know the new Appalachia and meet the NPCs from the Wastelanders update.

Do you play with the thought in the online role-playing game Fallout 76 to get in? If you don't want to be influenced by the mixed ratings and comments, but want to get your own picture of the game, then you will have the opportunity from May 14th.

Try Fallout 76 free of charge

Bethesda announced a FreePlay event for Fallout 76 on Facebook. From May 14th to May 18th it is possible to play for free. Even the new content of the Wastelanders update is available to you. You will get to know the NPCs that have settled in Appalachia and complete their quests. So you can see for yourself whether Fallout 76 (buy now) has become a better role-playing game through Wastelanders.

If you like Fallout 76 and you want to continue playing after May 18th, you have to buy the online RPG. It's a good opportunity to give Fallout 76 a chance and see if the critics or fans are right. If you want to find out more about Wastelanders beforehand, you can read our test.

Source: Facebook

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