Tip: it's not Twitch, it's not a mixer.

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Exclusive contracts for large streamers have recently become the norm, it seems. Ninja, for example, said Twitch ByeBye a long time ago and only streams to mixers, while the American streamer LIRIK is completely committed to Twitch. PewDiePie followed this path in April 2019 and left YouTube to stream on the rather new platform DLive.

Now. That's over now: The most famous YouTuber has – surprise concluded a contract with YouTube that binds him to the platform exclusively for streams:

How PC gamers PewDiePie has reported in one Statement on the contract with YouTube voiced:

“YouTube has been my home for over ten years, and live streaming on this platform just feels natural to me. I will continue to work on creating new content and finding new ways to connect with fans. ”

He also announces to focus more and more on live streams in 2020. YouTube meanwhile assures that they will not let him break any rules despite the contract. You know, rule breaks like anti-Semitic jokes or something like that.

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