It has been talked about for a long time, now it is official: Twitch is lowering the prices for subs – also in Germany. So viewers can now save money.

Price adjustment at Twitch: Subs now only cost 3.99 euros

Good news for all Twitch viewers: the streaming platform has decided to change the prices for monthly tier 1 subs from 4.99 euros to 3.99 euros. Not only will German viewers benefit from this change, prices have been adjusted in dozens of countries. Depending on the region, the price reduction will be greater or lower.

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According to Twitch, this change was made to help streamers build their communities faster. The plan: Due to the lower subscription price, more viewers are willing to complete a sub. However, Twitch grants itself the right to change the subscription prices again in the future (source: Twitch).

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Subs on Twitch: What’s the point of subscribing to a streamer?

A sub on Twitch is worth cash for streamers. Twitch credits the streamer with around half of the amount of money after taking out a subscription. As a spectator, you usually get something in return special sub-emotes, special chat badges, ad-free streams and access to the “sub only” chat, if this is activated on the streamer of your choice.

Streamers can also choose to offer their subs additional benefits. Video recordings of past streams can also be released exclusively for subs.

While the price cut for subs is a nice touch for all viewers, for streamers, however, the change could lead to a drop in sales. Twitch has already announced that it wants to offer streamers financial compensation for lost sales, but this cash injection is tied to a few conditions (source: Twitch). How the streamers will react to this change remains to be seen.

What do you think about the fact that Twitch lowered the sub-price by one euro? Do you think the discount is justified? Or do you think it should have been bigger? Let us know in the Facebook comments!