There's news on an already suspected live-action series based on a cult series from PlayStation. Nobody less than the acclaimed makers of Deadpool and Zombieland should work on it now.

Twisted metal

Besides The Last of Us, Sony is working on further game adaptations

How Variety reports, Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions are working on a series based on the popular Twisted Metal series. The Destruction racing game first appeared in 1995 on the first PlayStation and now looks back on many offshoots.

In 2019, Sony expressed interest in implementing the series for the first time and is now giving new details for the upcoming adaptation price. The series will be called Action comedy described and got with the makers of Deadpool and Zombie land definitely the right writers on board for it.

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What will the twisted metal series be about?

The rough Twisted Metal isn't exactly for his profound story known, but according to initial descriptions, the series sounds very promising. So the series is about one talkative outsiderwho, with the prospect of a better life, made a mysterious delivery across a post apocalyptic world should transport.

The protagonist has to deal with a trigger-happy car thief insane looters and face their destructive vehicles. Including the iconic and well-known Ice cream truck including his crazy driver named Sweet tooth.

In addition to the “The Last of Us” adaptation, this is the second series from Sony and thus joins a long list of those that have already been published and those to be expected Game adaptations:

The game series buffet is richly covered. (Image source: Variety.)

With the Deadpool makers on board, everything should go smoothly in the upcoming twisted metal series. We imagine a fast-paced action in the style of Mad Max: Fury Road, paired with the Humor from Zombieland, in front. We want to see this series. What do you think of the twisted metal series? Will it be good or do you think it will be a failure?

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