In recent years, numerous developers, managers and employees in other positions have left Blizzard. Partly voluntarily, partly involuntarily. This high fluctuation is quite common in the games industry (especially in the USA). But here at buffed we have always followed with great interest what is going on with the Californians. And we are just as curious whether the former Blizzard heads can also create games under other studio names that inspire us as much as the milestones from the Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo universes.

Currently there are several companies of former Blizzard devs whose first game announcement we are waiting for. Okay okay It will be a while before we find out what the two studios of the newly founded company Dreamhaven (Mike Morhaime, Jason Chayes, Dustin Browder, Ben Thompson, Chris Sigarty, Alan Dabiri, Eric Dodds, among others). From Bonfire Studios (including Rob Pardo, Josh Mosquira, Min Kim, Nick Carpenter) there could be an official announcement in the foreseeable future, after all, the studio has been around since 2016. We are excited about that too Marvel game from Second Dinner (Ben Brode, Yong Woo, Jomaro Kindred), about which little details are known so far.

And the newly founded Frost Giant Studios are now joining the queue. Here, too, reveals a look at the Company websitethat various former Blizzard artists have their hands in the game. There would be

  • Tim Campbell – Lead Campaign Designer for Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne
  • Tom Morten – Production Director for Starcraft 2
  • Jesse Brophy – Lead Artist for Starcraft 2 and Principal Artist for Diablo 4
  • Ryan Schutter – Lead Designer for Starcraft 2
  • Kevin Dong – Lead Co-Op Designer for Starcraft 2
  • Joseph Shunk – Gameplay Engineer for Starcraft 2
  • Austin Hudelson – Server Engineer for Starcraft 2

Concentrated RTS knowledge has gathered there at the frost giants. It is therefore not surprising that the studio sets the direction in the first tweet: The developers want to develop "the next big real-time strategy game".

And they have already been able to organize a whopping 4.7 million US dollars for the project. The studio is already supported by several investors, including – as with Bonfire Studios – Riot Games (League of Legends). How does it look: Are you still in the mood for the RTS genre or does the announcement of the Giant Studios leave you cold? Let us know in the comments!

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