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from André Linken
With "The Last Autumn" the development team 11 bit Studios has announced a new DLC for Frostpunk. Its story is set before the great ice age and takes you into a world without snow and freezing cold for the first time. You can see the right trailer in the message.

If you urgently need supplies for the darkly staged building game Frostpunk, you will soon get your money's worth. The responsible development team 11 bit Studios has announced with "The Last Autumn" another DLC, which according to current plans should appear on January 21, 2020 for the PC. The console release is scheduled for a later date, but a specific date has not yet been fixed.

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As the name suggests, the story of Frostpunk's new download expansion plays (buy now for € 33.99) right before the great ice age. So you can act for the first time in a world without snow and freezing cold – although the latter will still play a major role. In the course of the new campaign, you will learn what happened right before the global catastrophe. Your big job will be to build a giant generator to ensure the survival of the residents. For this purpose, new buildings as well as additional / steam-powered technologies and codes of law are available.

The DLC "The Last Autumn" is part of Frostpunk's big Season Pass, which has been available since August of this year. However, you can also buy it separately, the price is 11.89 euros. The just released trailer provides a first taste of the download extension, which you can find below this message. The first screenshots can be seen in our online gallery.

Source: 11 bit studios

Frostpunk: Trailer introduces the DLC "The Last Autumn"

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