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The full intro of the demo of the role-playing game Final Fantasy 7 Remake has recently leaked, apparently. The video can currently be found on YouTube and shows you not only the start screen, but also the revised version of the introduction.

Last month there were first indications that the demo of the role-playing game Final Fantasy 7 Remake would soon be released. A confirmation from Square Enix is ​​still pending in this regard. But in the meantime, another indication of the existence of such a trial version has emerged – and that is quite clear.

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in the YouTuber's channel "Lystrasza" a video has recently been released that appears to show the full intro of the demo of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. It starts with a look at the start screen, where you can set the general camera control and the level of difficulty, among other things. There are a total of three levels to choose from, which you apparently can change at any time in the menu. In this way it would be possible to master particularly crunchy passages better. In the further course of the video you will see the legendary intro of Final Fantasy 7 – of course in the revised form with a nicer graphic and the distinctive melody in the background.

So far it is not 100 percent clear whether the video actually comes from the demo, but the material at least looks damn real. A comment from Square Enix is ​​still pending, so that we can not say much more about such a trial version of the role-playing game. In any case, it is certain that Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020. If there is actually a demo, it should be available some time in advance.

Source: YouTube

The intro of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo has leaked. (2) (Source: Square Enix)

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Apparently, we will soon have the release of a demo of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.