Further changes to the witcher are coming

from Sara Petzold
The warlock will soon get another alpha update for WoW: Shadowlands. We summarize the adjustments for you and tell you which changes are particularly exciting.

After we told you about the Class adjustments to the warlock from the current alpha build from WoW: Shadowlands, the developers of Blizzard have been busy and implemented some additional adjustments to the demonic class in the Alpha.

We summarize the most important changes of the latest Alpha update for you (via Wowhead). In addition, you will find the complete Bluepost with all current innovations below.

Warlocks in Shadowlands: Current alpha changes for ailments

Affliction sorcerers can expect the following adjustments based on the current alpha level:

Warlocks in Shadowlands: Current alpha changes for demonology

The following changes have been made for Demonology Warlocks:

  • Summon demonic tyrants now ranks at level 52 and generates five soul splinters when used.
  • Call Dreadstalker now ranks at level 54, has a reduced casting time, and Dreadstalkers can now storm toward targets.
  • Demonic consumption no longer sacrifices active imps, but consumes 15 percent of their current health and empowers themselves based on the amount of health consumed.

Warlocks in Shadowlands: Current alpha changes for destruction

Destruction wizards get these adjustments:

  • Grimoire of superiority changes to Chaos Rain – each consumed soul shard has a 15 percent chance to summon an additional Hell Beast if a Hell Beast is already active.
  • Blazing fire ensures that conflagration all fire damage dealt by the warlock increased by 30 percent for six seconds.
  • Shadow fire is changed from a splinter generator to a splinter donor: it does more damage to each soul splinter and has a high critical chance to hit low-quality enemies.

Blizzards Bluepost: Warlock changes at a glance

Blizzard writes on the current warlock adjustments in the official forum:

"For Warlock, we're focused on improving talent choices for Destruction and Demonology, as well as adding rewards for leveling up. In particular, we'd like there to be more viable builds for these specs to experiment with. This led to changes for the highly popular talents Demonic Consumption and Grimoire of Supremacy. Please continue posting your feedback on these changes in this thread. Thank you!

  • Demonic Gateway no longer despawns when the caster dies. When the gateway is close to despawning, it begins dissolving out of view to warn the caster and allies that they may wish to replace it. Developers' notes: We've heard feedback that the routine of replacing your Demonic Gateway for each boss attempt can be tedious to the point of irritating. We've made a change that allows the gateway to persist through death and we'll be listening for feedback on this change.

Affliction Warlock

  • Unstable Affliction reverted to Limit 1. Spell coefficient reverted to its previous amount. Developers' notes: Even without picking talents like Siphon Life and Phantom Singularity, Affliction was unable to keep up with their dots being active on more than 3 targets. Unstable Affliction should now be used on your priority target, which causes Malefic Rapture to do increased damage to that target.
  • Haunt now applies Shadow Embrace.
  • Soulshatter grants Soul Shards equal to the number of targets hit, instead of Haste.
  • Malignant Affliction is a new PvP talent. Unstable Affliction is no longer limited to 1 target, but deals 10% less damage. If your unstable affliction is dispelled, you instantly gain 15% haste for 10s. Developers' notes: With Unstable Affliction now at limit 1, we want to provide an avenue for a Warlock to be able to protect their dots on multiple targets, particularly in battlegrounds.

Destruction warlock

  • Summon Infernal (Rank 2) is learned at level 52. Infernal Awakening deals 150% increased damage on impact.
  • Havoc (Rank 2) is learned at level 54. Havoc duration is increased by 2 sec.
  • Rain of Fire (Rank 2) is learned at level 56. Rain of Fire damage is increased by 30%.

Level 15 row

  • Soulfire is now a 4 second cast. Damage increased from 100% spell power to 300% spell power. 1 minute cooldown. Causes your next Incinerate to be instant cast and generates 1 Soul Shard. Developers' notes: This spell hadn't found a niche as an additional short cast time spell. It returns to a 4-second cast time, serving as a pre-pull opener spell to kick-start your damage.

Level 25 row

  • Shadowburn is now a 1 shard dispenser. Damage increased to 130% spell power (was 60%), with a 12-second cooldown. Has 50% increased critical strike chance on low health targets, and generates 1 Soul Shard if the target dies within 5 seconds. Developers' notes: Shadowburn as a generator was not exciting enough. Shadowburn now provides an alternative way to spend shards, especially while on the move, and also adds burst damage in an execute window, similar to its historic design.
  • Internal combustion consumes up to 7 seconds of your Immolate (was 5 seconds).

Level 35 row

  • Cataclysm damage decreased to 180% spell power (which was 200% spell power).

Level 45 row

  • Grimoire of Supremacy renamed Rain of Chaos. While your initial Infernal is active, every Soul Shard you spend has a 15% chance to summon an additional Infernal that lasts 10 seconds. Developers' notes: Grimoire of Supremacy was too integral to Destruction's damage output, even without Vision of Perfection. It also created unhealthy gameplay in PvP. We want this talent to remain powerful and exciting, so instead of ramping Chaos Bolt damage, Warlocks can try to maximize the amounts of Infernals spawned. The goal is to provide the same fun gameplay, without being too reliant on getting a very high modifier on your Chaos Bolt.
  • Roaring Blaze redesigned, now causes the target to take 30% increased Fire damage from the Warlock for 6 seconds. Developers' notes: This does not affect Chaos Bolt – only pure Fire damage spells. We want to try opening up other talent builds that can work with your Fire spells.

Level 50 row

  • Channel Demonfire primary target damage increased by 10%.

Demonology Warlock

  • Summon Demonic Tyrant (Rank 2) is learned at level 52: Now generates 5 Soul Shards when cast.
  • Call Dreadstalkers (Rank 2) is learned at level 54. Call Dreadstalkers cast time is reduced by 0.5s, and they gain a Pursuit spell to close the gap when their target is greater than 10 yards away.
  • Wild Imps now spawn more immediately after Hand of Guldan, and 2-3 imps spawn in faster succession. In addition, if they path fail, they now teleport to the Warlock. Developers' notes: This should both improve quality of life and help prevent purposely getting your imp stuck somewhere to prevent them from casting.
  • Wild Imps Rank 2 is learned at level 56. Imp energy cost on Fel Firebolt decreased by 20%. Developers' notes: As a result, they can cast one additional Fel Firebolt before despawning.


  • Demonic Consumption no longer sacrifices imps. Now instead drains 15% health of all active demons, empowering itself based on HP consumed. Developers' notes: This is a fusion between modern Demonic Consumption and Thalkiel's Consumption from Legion. The goal is to give the Warlock more incentive to care about summoning other demons, and to allow for implosion and Power Siphon to have their unique flavor be sacrificing imps.
  • Power Siphon now also adds 30% damage to your next 2 casts Demonbolt.
  • Nether Portal demons summoned attack power increased by 21%.
  • Demonic calling reduces shard cost of call dreadstalkers by 2.
  • Inner Demons random demons summoned attack power increased by 21%. "
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