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In a late night show, actor Peter Sarsgaard revealed further details about his mysterious role in The Batman. The actor will play a character with Gil Colson that has never before appeared in the DC universe. However, fans are already speculating about the intentions of the lawyer from Gotham City. The Batman is set to hit theaters on June 25, 2021.

Actor Peter Sarsgaard will play a previously unknown role in The Batman. This is attorney Gil Colson – a new character who has never appeared in any history of the DC universe. However, fans have been speculating for a long time what the new role could be about. Now there are new details, however Peter Sarsgaard personally on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert shared. The actor made the following statement.

"Basically, I'm a politician who has trouble telling the truth."

Even if the actor hasn't revealed too much about his role, fans still believe that there is more to his character than it currently appears. The name of Harvey Dent aka Two-Face often appears on the Internet. While director Matt Reeves continues to claim that it's a completely new character, fans can imagine a villain behind Gil Colson. Two-Face also worked as a lawyer in Gotham City.

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