Buying top graphics cards to be released in 2021 is anything but a pleasure for gamers. The already expensive cards of the RTX 30 series from Nvidia are completely out of stock at the release within a very short time, only shortly afterwards RTX 3090 and Co. then reappear at resellers for the multiple price. The chance is extremely high that it will be the same for the release of the new Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080 Ti shortly – it will presumably be released in May. Now there are more tangible ones on the release and the previously assumed price also seems to be confirmed.

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Release and price

At Reddit made a user called “AidThisFellowUser” aware of thisthat a Japanese website called “ItHome” as well as the Brazilian retailer “Pichau” and “Videocardz” have revealed some information that confirms previous suspicions. The Geforce RTX 3080 Ti should actually come onto the market in May, so soon. The price is said to be 1,099 US dollars, which would only be around 911 euros based on the current exchange rate; nevertheless, an EIA of 999 euros should be expected in Germany. US dollar prices do not yet include taxes, and it is common to have different prices for the same product in different markets.

Performance data of the RTX 3080 Ti

The new information also confirms that the RTX 3080 Ti should use 12 GB VRAM, the clock rate should be 1.365 Ghz, Boost should again be possible up to a maximum of 1.665 Ghz. The maximum bandwidth is specified as 936 GB per second. The power consumption under load should be around 320 watts. In order to use the new graphics card from Nvidia, a correspondingly powerful power supply unit in the PC will be required that, in addition to the RTX 3080 Ti, can also supply the processor and the like. This is no different with the other graphics cards of the RTX 30 series, especially the 3090 (350 watts).

When does the announcement come?

An official announcement of the new RTX 3080 Ti by Nvidia is still pending. Even the new information, no matter how useful it may seem and whether it comes from experts, insiders and dealers (with a presumed information advantage), can ultimately turn out to be wrong. If the new graphics card is actually released in May, the Californian company won’t have too much time until the announcement.

Swell: ItHome / Pichau

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