Fury Unleashed in the pre-test: crisp 2D roguelite action

Whether action, tactics, platformer or role playing, almost all genres have been served with first-class rogue likes. This is exactly what makes it increasingly difficult for small studios to stand out among the masses of top titles. One more reason to keep your eyes open! Because especially in the second row there are lots of pearls that would have deserved more attention – like Fury Unleashed that us in early access has already motivated for a good 20 hours. How does he do it? With crisp, precise 2D side-scrolling action, which basically offers nothing new, but is simply fun.

The developers of Awesome Games Studio have been working on the game for almost five years, with the final release pending on May 8th. We have already struggled through all the content that the preliminary version has to offer and draw a first conclusion. We will not submit a final rating until later, however, because Fury Unleashed will receive additional content for the release, including a fourth chapter with a new setting.

Great role models

At its core, Fury Unleashed is a classic 2D action platformer that bows to classics like Contra or Metal Slug, but at the same time focuses on modern rogue-lite design; it is just as much reminiscent of rogue legacy or that successful 20XX. We also felt a little while playing Comix zone recalls: In Fury Unleashed we fight our way through different 2D worlds, which are arranged like double pages of a comic book. The story about a draftsman in a creative creative crisis is a loose frame, but at least in the early access version you hardly notice it – the gameplay is clearly in the foreground.

The Hive Queen is one of the last bosses of the early access version. With the right equipment, however, she is quickly defeated.

The Hive Queen is one of the last bosses of the early access version. With the right equipment, however, she is quickly defeated.

Source: PC Games

Strong action without new ideas

You can carry up to two weapons at the same time. In the menu you can compare the values ​​in peace.

You can carry up to two weapons at the same time. In the menu you can compare the values ​​in peace.

Source: PC Games

In the first three levels we are still in a jungle full of voodoo priests and snappy ghosts, then we go to a secret neo-Nazi base and in the third chapter we land in a futuristic alien spaceship. Each section is randomly arranged from a few level building blocks and populated with enemies en masse, including around 40 mini-bosses, who initially create moments of excitement, but with the right equipment, do not pose a serious threat. The levels are full of random loot boxes and traders, which allows us to choose from an impressive arsenal! Submachine guns, shotguns, rocket launchers, plasma guns, laser guns, stun guns, saw blade launchers and much more are on offer. Most of it has to be unlocked first, however, that provides motivation.

There are also a few melee weapons, and you also have the option of killing opponents with a pounding attack from above or throwing grenades. Special abilities are also on board, such as the ability to set up an automatic gun or freeze opponents in one fell swoop. We can also find body armor, helmets, gloves, and boots that provide useful passive bonuses and armor points. The stuff is very useful, but you shouldn't expect the depth of a Diablo here, because the selection of prey pieces is unfortunately very limited (at least in the early access version). There are also no negative passive properties, mutations or crazy special effects that would make a run really unique. Motivating relics like in Slay the Spire, Undermine or Rogue Stormers are missing as well as synergy effects, which provided variety in Binding of Isaac – as a pure rogue-lite, Fury Unleashed therefore has to clearly rank behind the competition.

Weapons can have different properties. This laser fires three weaker beams instead of one. (Source: PC Games)

Combo is king!

Fury Unleashed puts direct action in the foreground, and that's a good thing: The great playable mix of jumping, shooting and evading never makes you think, but it's uncomplicated, it's fun, whether alone or in pairs in the local co-op. Ideal for a round in between! This is thanks to its combo system, which provides a pleasant thrill: Once you have lined up several kills and have not received a hit, there is a chance that defeated opponents will leave valuable life points. If the combo counter climbs even further, your damage increases and you even get shield points that can completely ward off an enemy hit. Extremely useful! However, the combo counter expires after a few seconds, so you must always keep moving and dash from one opponent to the next so that the action is not interrupted for too long. Practical: In order to save walking distances, you can also use a quick travel system and jump to the next level section at lightning speed, so your combo remains intact and there is never idle. Quite cool: Because the counter is not lost even when loading between two levels, there is theoretically the possibility to complete the entire game in one huge combo!

Although the level blocks repeat themselves very quickly, the entertaining buzz simply makes you happy.

Although the level blocks repeat themselves very quickly, the entertaining buzz simply makes you happy.

Source: PC Games

Permanent upgrades

Between the runs, we spend upgrade points in this little talent tree.

Between the runs, we spend upgrade points in this little talent tree.

Source: PC Games

In keeping with the comic theme, you will not receive experience points for defeated opponents, but precious ink with which you will unlock new level levels and earn upgrade points after your screen death. You can then squeeze the latter between the runs in a small talent tree, in which, similar to Rogue Legacy, you unlock permanent improvements that make your life much easier. Improved critical chance to hit, additional grenades, more life points, combo shields and much more are on offer – anything but original, but at least very useful.

No matter whether upgrades, weapons or combo system: Fury Unleashed serves up simple pleasures that work well together. If you then bring some practice with you and learn to skillfully avoid the enemy attacks, a wonderful flow of play arises. If you still have difficulties at first only getting past the first boss, you mow yourself casually through the enemy masses a few hours later and send one boss after the next onto the mat. When playing, we sometimes even felt reminded of the popular Nuclear Throne, which offers similarly entertaining shooting fun and is perfect as a compact action snack in between. Fury Unleashed is therefore not a perennial favorite like Dead Cells, Enter the Gungeon or Binding of Isaac, and it does not want to be – the scope is too manageable, the requirement too low. This is exactly what it could score with many players who find some rogue likes too hardcore or simply time-consuming.

Fury Unleashed is still in early access, the final version will be available from May 8, 2020 for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One. A Demo version for PC and Consoles are already available.

Note: After the release of Fury Unleashed we will add the missing game content to our article. Then we also submit our rating and opinion box.

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