Futuristic protection against the pandemic

RAZER is a well-known manufacturer of all kinds of gaming hardware and other cool equipment for the gamer's taste. The company is now bringing its own corona mask onto the market, with which you are protected while on the move and at the same time can make a stylish statement. "Project Hazel" is still in the development stage and is not yet officially available in stores. We therefore want to show you more stylish masks with unusual designs before we go into more detail about the features of the Razer respirator.

Corona respirators: A selection of futuristic and stylish masks with protective functions

Note: The new rules of the Bavarian state government to combat the corona pandemic have been in effect since January 18th, 21st, an FFP2 mask must be worn in local public transport and in retail. The federal government has not yet recommended a nationwide FFP2 mask requirement, but the probability is high that the other federal states will also introduce such a regulation. So look to you as a precaution our recommendations for cheap FFP2 masks on, we tell you what you have to consider when buying.

Project Hazel is an extraordinary development project, the mask should have the N-95 standard, the US filter standard, comparable to the FFP2 standard. The mask should therefore optimally protect against 94% of all aerosols and particles in the air, or gases and vapors. The Project Hazel mask can do even more, we will go into the technical features of the smart mask later in the article.

Of course, the main focus of a respirator at the moment is its protective function against the corona virus, but many people still want to wear a fashionable mask or a mask that both protects and scores points in terms of "style". Unfortunately, at the moment there are more washable fabric masks with funny motifs or unusual cuts and few respiratory masks with technical gadgets, such as battery-operated active fans, which make breathing easier and can also be worn during sports. Unfortunately, these masks mostly only have activated carbon filters, which were developed to protect against fine dust and pollen. Such fine dust masks only effectively protect against corona with FFP2 or FFP3 filters. Conventional FFP2 masks are not suitable for sports.

Unfortunately, “Project Hazel” is still a long time coming, but there are other futuristic respiratory masks on the market that are already available and also have technical features. These models usually have exchangeable activated carbon filters and can therefore also be worn during sports. Models with active fans support breathing and immediately divert breathing air outside. Such masks do not offer the same corona protection as FFP2 and FFP3 masks, but they are more effective than cotton masks or traditional paper masks.

So if you feel like it and you want to buy a mask with a cyberpunk look, then you will find it here:

  • Covermason - Electric Mouth Guard / Reusable / Mouth, Nose, and Dust Protection

    Covermason – Electric Mouth Guard / Reusable / Mouth, Nose, and Dust Protection

  • WJ Face Air Purifier / Electric Respirator "src =" https://games.no1geekfun.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/1611090205_103_Futuristic-protection-against-the-pandemic.jpg

    WJ Face Air Purifier / Electric Respirator

Note: If there is a nationwide FFP2 mask requirement, then we only recommend you from EU certified FFP2 masks, with CE mark. These masks are designed to protect you from infection on the tram or in narrow spaces.

But here, too, there are stylish variants, for example this large pack with black masks with FFP2 standard and CE certificate. Unfortunately not immediately available at the moment:

  • HYGISUN FFP2 mask CE certified / FFP2 / KN95 / n95 / protective mask "src =" https://games.no1geekfun.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/1611090205_671_Futuristic-protection-against-the-pandemic.jpg

    HYGISUN FFP2 mask CE certified / FFP2 / KN95 / n95 / protective mask

Tip – FFP2 masks: Unfortunately, according to the manufacturer, most FFP3 & FFP2 masks should only be worn once, or if you let the mask dry for a while after use and wear a different mask, this will extend the durability of the mask.

You can get more stylish alternatives for sport with the Livinguard fitness breathing masks from WingGuard. These masks are made of a washable special fabric that can neutralize bacteria and viruses, as well as the corona virus, on the surface. According to the manufacturer, the effectiveness of the processed substance against the SARS-CoV-2 virus (Covid-19) has been proven in studies at RWTH Aachen University and the Free University of Berlin. The manufacturer is currently in an exchange with the Bavarian authorities to have its mask technology officially approved as a reusable alternative to conventional FFP2 masks.

  • Livinguard - Fitness MASK | Advanced Lyocell Microfiber Face Mask | Athletic breathability | Adjustable, Washable, Reusable "src =" https://games.no1geekfun.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/1611090205_903_Futuristic-protection-against-the-pandemic.jpg

    Livinguard – Fitness MASK | Advanced Lyocell Microfiber Face Mask | Athletic breathability | Adjustable, washable, reusable

Project Hazel: All the technical features of the Razer Corona mask – with N95 standard / FFP2 standard

The new Razer Corona mask will be equipped with N95 filters when it is launched. The N95 standard is to be equated with the FFP2 standard. So if the Project Hazel mask officially receives an FFP2 rating at launch, you will get a futuristic sci-fi mask with effective corona protection.

The biggest highlight of the mask is of course the unusual design, which is almost reminiscent of Destiny 2 helmets or at least could originate from the world of Cyberpunk 2077, the technology will hopefully work better than the game when it is launched.

  • The mask is made of scratch-resistant plastic and sits airtight on the face with the help of a silicone ring. Which increases the protection against corona again, since aerosols cannot penetrate.
  • Thanks to the integrated Voice AMP technology from RAZER, the voice is amplified and you can be understood well despite the mask. The interior space is big enough and does not touch the lips.
  • The smart mask also uses sensors to detect when it gets dark and then lights up automatically. So you are guaranteed not to be overlooked.
  • The most important feature are the active fans, which suck in fresh air through the filter and immediately divert the breath outside. The mask will not fog up and there will be no increased CO2 content in the interior of the mask, which could lead to headaches or dizziness.

Note: Masks with external valves or active fans are not allowed to be worn in air traffic. The on-board staff will not let you on board, you have to wear normal FFP2 masks without a valve or other masks, such as the Livinguard mask listed above.

  • The mask's batteries should last all day when in use, the manufacturer promises.
  • The smart mask is also supplied in a lockable charging station, which is equipped with a special UV light inside, which is used to sterilize the mask during the charging process. This kills all bacteria and viruses, the manufacturer promises. The mask also has a quick charge function.