Although the new consoles offer massive amounts of power, some games are better played on the PC. But not every player has built in the right hardware to be able to play properly on it. However, Microsoft has a solution to this problem in early 2021.

Xbox Game Pass: Microsoft is expanding cloud functionality to iOS and PC

With the Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft has its subscription service on offer, which allows players to play over a hundred games for 9.99 euros a month on the PC and Xbox.

Subscribers to the somewhat more expensive Ultimate subscription also have access to xCloud: Microsoft's game streaming function. The games can then be played via streaming on the Android mobile phone via an app. However, latency and image quality are then dependent on your own Internet connection.

In one blog entry Microsoft has now announced that they want to make this function available for other platforms. IOS and PC players should also be able to use xCloud in spring 2021if you are an Ultimate Xbox Game Pass subscriber.

This way, players who own a gaming PC could start playing new games before the download is complete. Since the game is linked to the Microsoft account, you can continue playing seamlessly after the download is complete.

PC gamers will then be able to access xCloud in spring 2021 via the Xbox app or browser, iOS users will not get their own app, but can also use the service via the web browser.

Your own gaming PC at a budget price? We took up the challenge:

Thanks to this feature, gamers without suitable gaming hardware have the opportunity for the first time to catch up on the relevant games directly on their PC. Ultrabooks and convertibles also become more or less gaming PCs in this way – and can easily be taken with you to your parents on the weekend, for example.

Game streaming on the PC: hasn't it been possible for a long time?

Thanks to streaming services such as Nvidia GeForce Now and Google Stadia, PC gamers have long had the option of playing their games on weaker devices. The only drawback: The games must be purchased in advance.

With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, subscribers have access to over 100 games that they can stream at no additional cost.

Competitor Google Stadia also had a lot to offer:

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Many users of the Ultimate subscription had already wanted Microsoft to roll out the xCloud function on other platforms – at the beginning of next year, their wish will finally come true. How well the function then works remains to be seen. So far, experiences on Android phones have been rather mixed.