Streamers, for example on Twitch, usually get the games they show for free. The former Ubisoft Montreal game designer Alex Hutchinson doesn't like that. He believes streamers should actually pay developers money and buy licenses.

Streamers are having a hard time anyway. Twitch asked them to search all of their content for copyrighted music and then delete the videos, otherwise Twitch would crack down on it. Now Alex Hutchinson interfered with the situation, explaining that players shouldn't really be concerned about removing music, but rather that they are streaming games for which they have paid no money. "The truth is, streamers should pay the developers and publishers of the games they stream. They should buy a license like any real company and pay for the content they use," he said on Twitter.

Some agreed, but the majority criticized Alex Hutchinson. Because gamers believe that streaming titles brings a lot to companies. It is a kind of free advertisement and the publishers and developers use it to promote their games and sell more copies.

Hutchinson was surprised by the criticism that came down on him. He said, "It's amazing to me that people get angry at someone who says that creators should be allowed to make some of the money when others make money from the content they create."

Industry insider and games journalist Jason Schreier then explained to him that the developers would not get any of this income anyway, as it would stick with the managers.

Google, for whom Hutchinson is currently working on the Stadia project, distanced themselves from his testimony and stated that Alex Hutchinson's opinion does not correspond to Google's.

Source: MassivelyOP

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