That will appear on April 10 Final Fantasy 7 remake, which is only the first of several episodes. Square Enix has not yet revealed exactly how many there will be. But considering that episode 1 only covers the section within the city of Midgar, you can imagine that there will probably be more than two episodes. Game Director Yoshinori Kitase now even stated that he could work on the game for the rest of his career.

A remake of the remake

Kitase says: "Final Fantasy 7 is a game that, if it were only the original, would only be remembered as something from the past and people would not be concerned with it. I think to be something that continues loved and persecuted by future generations, we have to keep updating it as we do it now, and in ten years, 20 years it may have to be done again, even if that's the only thing I do in the rest of my career , I will not be disappointed. "

So Yoshinori Kitase says that he would be willing to do a remake of the remake at some point, not that we will get episodes for ten or 20 years until the Final Fantasy 7 remake is finally complete.

It is also important to him that the remake differs from the original: "If we only made it a 100% one-to-one remake of the original game, you would follow the story exactly as it was. It would change nothing … I think people would like it, but it would just be "oh yes, I remember it. It was great, how nostalgic "… and that would be all you get," he says. "We have to meet people's expectations, give them what they want to see … but we also have to go beyond and really exceed their expectations and give them new surprises. So it was something that we had to pay a lot of attention to, and we were very careful … it didn't just stop at "Yes, that was a great game, I remember it." We had to go further and offer a new experience. "

If you want to get a taste of the Final Fantasy 7 remake, you can download a demo for the PS4.

Source: WCCFTech

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